Penn DAPA (Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors)


Penn DAPA is Penn’s student peer education group around issues relating to alcohol and other drugs.  DAPA members are student leaders, athletes, members of greek chapters and more who come together to talk with their peers about high risk behaviors that impact them as students and as people.  DAPA’s do not “preach abstinence,” rather, they are dedicated to working with students to reduce harm and minimize the negative consequences of high risk alcohol and other drug abuse.  Key annual DAPA initiatives will include:

  • Dinner and Discussion: One of DAPA’s cornerstone events is the Dinner and Discussion program. This peer-led conversation focuses on collaborating with students to minimize the risks of alcohol and drug use by implementing practical strategies. DAPA can hold Dinner and Discussion events for any groups on campus, including residents in College Houses, and may be able to provide a dinner to increase comfort and encourage dialogue. Events must be planned well in advance to ensure DAPA’s participation.
  • Alternative Night: DAPA can also host Alternative Nights, which are designed to give students an opportunity to socialize without the presence of alcohol. Examples of events in the past include game nights and succulent planting.
  • Education Workshops for New Greek & Non-Greek Members: DAPA’s engage new members in fraternities and sororities each Spring semester in activities that lead to conversations about alcohol and other drug abuse.  These workshops are an opportunity for all new members in the Greek community on campus to talk openly about questions or concerns they have about alcohol and other drug issues. We encourage non-Greek organizations to consider hosting workshops as well!
    If you are interested in joining Penn DAPA or planning any events, please email Ken Galazka ( or to get in touch with the current Penn DAPA’s.